D&D Gets Even Smarter with QR Codes

D&D Gets Even Smarter with QR Codes

9/13/2011--HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA - D&D Technologies is excited to announce the implementation of QR Codes® into their marketing materials. "Our customers want direct, instant access to the information they are seeking," said Jim Paterson, D&D Senior VP Sales & Marketing. "QR Codes are simply a way for our customers to connect immediately with the information they need using their smart phone.”

“With QR Codes, we have the ability to turn print ads or printed literature into an interactive marketing campaign which provides a significant convenience and educational factor to our customers and a measurable return on investment (ROI) for our partners,” states Paterson. “From the printed piece, readers can scan the code, watch a YouTube video to help determine which product to buy or how to install or maintain product, view product specs or provide their contact information for further follow up. Ads and literature come to life on the individual’s mobile device,” Paterson says.

D&D Technologies has been using this technology to provide potential and current customers with access to more information about select products and services, as well as to improve communications. With the D&D’s advanced engineering, the technology behind the products make QR Codes an ideal support solution for these innovative product lines.

A QR-Code (short for Quick Response) is a two-dimensional bar code, readable by a smart phone’s camera. QR Codes can be used to display text to the user, to add a vCard contact to the user's device, to open a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) or to compose an email or text message.

QR Code readers
There are dozens of QR Code readers available online. Check your smartphone’s app store to download preference.

About D&D Technologies:
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