Top 10 Backyard Safety Maintenance Tips

Top 10 Backyard Safety Maintenance Tips

Top 10 Backyard Safety Maintenance Tips You Can Perform Year Round

Nature’s wear and tear on a house through each season means there are many things to consistently perform maintenance on. This top 10 list is a great reference guide that you and your family can review anytime of the year and leave you feeling confident that your backyard is in tip-top safe condition!

#1 Eliminate access to lawn equipment, pool chemicals, pesticides, and other hazardous materials by securing items behind closed doors (such as a shed), locked, and out of children’s reach.

#2 Remove or repair all trip or slip hazards from walkways and paths such as ice, fallen branches, raised tree roots, puddles of water, hoses, uneven flooring, etc.

#3 Inspect structures and furniture such as decks, swing sets, and picnic tables year round for animal infestations, such as bees or termites, or rot to avoid injury and extend the life of the wooden structures.

#4 Increase pool safety by fencing in your pool and spa and installing a pool gate with self-closing hinges and a self-latching lock with alarm; such as D&D Technologies TruClose® self-closing hinges and MagnaLatch® ALERT.

#5 Practice proper placement of grills and fire pits. When in use, leave a 10-foot cleared space around your grill or fire pit avoiding any combustible or flammable objects such as your homes exterior walls, furniture, overgrown plants, etc. When finished using, ensure all burning firewood or coals are completely cooled and disposed into a non-combustible container. Store firewood or charcoal properly in a dry covered, well ventilated, and lifted area off the ground.

#6 Store a first aid kit in your backyard for easy access. If a first aid kit already exists check and restock frequently.

#7 Secure your backyard and install gate locks on all side or privacy gates to keep your children and pets inside your property and keep intruders out. D&D Technologies recommends LokkLatch DELUXE® or LokkLatch MAGNETIC® for a key-lockable privacy & security gate latch.

#8 Check and/or replace outdoor security light bulbs to ensure proper lighting at night.

#9 Store protective safety accessories in an easily accessible storage unit. Protective safety accessories can include sunscreen, safety goggles, ear protection, gloves, and knee pads to prevent injuries.

#10 Inspect furniture, play sets, or other outdoor structures for sharp or rusted bolts, screws, nails, or rot and make the necessary repairs to eliminate potential injury.