Gate Hinges


TruClose Regular

Adjustable, self-closing gate hinges

The TruClose Regular hinge range is suitable for gates weighing up to 66lb (30kg) with a maximum gate load up to 550lb (250kg). View TruClose Regular Products
TruClose Regular TruClose Regular

TruClose Heavy Duty

Adjustable, self-closing heavy-duty gate hinges

The TruClose Heavy Duty hinge range is suitable for larger gates weighing up to 154 lbs (70kg). A number of options are available. View TruClose Heavy Duty Products
TruClose Heavy Duty TruClose Heavy Duty


Economical General Purpose Hinges

Whether you need a reliable, standard pivoting hinge or the convenience of a spring-loaded self-closing model, KwikFit has you covered. KwikFit gate hinges are an ideal choice for light to medium-weight gates around the home. View KwikFit Products
KwikFit KwikFit