Gate Latches & Locks



A Range of Latches for Every Situation

The LokkLatch range has a model for every gate material and most applications. LokkLatch models can be used for garden gates, apartments and commercial properties. View LokkLatch Products
LokkLatch LokkLatch


The World's #1 Child Safety Gate Latch

MagnaLatch Safety Gate Latches are designed specifically for securing gates around swimming pools, yards and child care centers. They are the original and still the world's best selling magnetic latches on the market. View MagnaLatch Products
MagnaLatch MagnaLatch


Toggle-style, general-purpose gate latch.

The T-Latch is a general purpose gate latch designed to replace conventional metal gravity latches. This toggle-action gate latch is both simple and effective, with its pivot-style latch bolt that toggles vertically to automatically accommodate gate sag and ground movement. View T-Latch Products
T-Latch T-Latch